About Us

Who We Are

Jimmy Tanghongs

Our founder, Jimmy Tanghongs, has a unique background. He earned his degree in Electrical
Engineering and worked in the corporate world for 9 years in the North Dallas area. Much of his time was spent in Research & Development, and afterwards in Operations. As an engineer who loves to improve every process he’s involved in, he wondered how he would design a better home. Thus he created a challenge – Innovate to build the best modern homes in the world that represent all the best that 2018 and beyond offers. Modern technology so that a home produces as much or more electricity than it consumes. Modern philosophy so that a home is as maintenance-free as possible. All of this combined into a beautiful, modern-style architecture, with the newest in forward looking designs, open floor plans, and air quality that’s healthier for the homeowner. The sum of all these efforts help to eliminate our carbon footprint on the world. And so began The New Modern Home™.

Zero Electric and Gas Bill Custom Homes | The Ultimate in Sustainable Modern Homes | Healthy
Home | Energy Efficient Luxury Homes

Our Purpose

For our homeowners

Provide innovative homes that are architecturally beautiful, have an open floor plan, are healthier, nearly
maintenance-free, and produce enough energy to have $0 electric bill, $0 gas bill, and $0 gasoline bills
while keeping the best resale value.

For the cities where we build

Develop sustainable communities that provide long-term property value via homes that retain maximum value
over time, meet the changing needs of today’s homeowners, all in a modern and beautiful package that will be
safe and beautiful 100+ years from now.

For the environment

Eliminate climate change by building carbon positive homes, inspiring other homebuilders to build at our
level, and educating homeowners on how we are all sharing this earth’s atmosphere together.

Locations We Serve

The North Texas DFW Metroplex. There are around 60+ cities within a 35-mile radius of the DFW airport. Cities
we build in include but are not limited to: Frisco, Dallas, Highland Park, University Park,
Richardson, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Fort Worth, Trophy Club,
Southlake, Keller, Flower Mound, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you from the beginning to end. That includes searching for and purchasing a lot through our
realtor, to custom designing your home to suit your lifestyle, to building your home and providing warranty on
your home. If you are financing your home, you will first need to get pre-approved to purchase the lot and then
obtain construction financing. Once your home is completed, you will obtain permanent financing that pays off
the lot and construction loan, that is similar to any other single-loan financing method.

In the automobile industry, you will find a car that has a basic model, and the same car filled with options
and upgrades. A fully-optioned car will often be as much as 50% higher than the same basic car. Homes are the
same way, even for the same square footage home. Our standard home, which includes a higher quality of home than
any other production builder’s standard, begins around $150/sf. Larger open rooms require longer spans of beams,
and this increases the price of the home. Upgraded appliances can add $5-10/sf to the home. Hardwood floors are
an upgrade over carpet and tile.

See video below.


The New Modern Home is so advanced, its art and construction are covered by one or more of the following US patents:9,988,818 with several allowed and coming soon.