World-class quality, energy efficiency, and sustainability all-in-one, The New Modern Homes™ are a work of art. Our open space floor plans and unique combination of materials are ready to last a lifetime.

We Only Build in One Mode: The Best

Our homes are stunning. Natural materials, perfect proportions, and always a joy to look at. We add interest to our exterior walls by carefully coloring them with the natural beauty of stone. Our homes are thoughtfully balanced when viewed from the street. The modern home is ready to look good for the next 100 years.

Custom homes designed and built by The New Modern Homes are beautiful and sustainable.

Tweaked for Utmost Sustainability

Mother nature never loved a home this much. By using greater longevity elements, our homes need little to no maintenance or repair. Fewer trips to the local big box home improvement store and less visits with a contractor – reduce traffic and pollution on our roads.

Zero energy bill homes designed by Dallas Homebuilders The New Modern Home - DR" title="Sustainable Development

Heating and Air Conditioning Without All the Noise

Metal HVAC ducting is up to 30% less turbulent than flex duct. Air flow moves more effectively and quietly throughout a metal ducted home. Better predictability of air movement leaves you with a more evenly conditioned home.

Fresh air HVAC system homes designed by Dallas homebuilders The New Modern Home


A break from the past. New ideas, clean lines, a true revolution in homeownership thinking. The pursuit of energy-free and maintenance-free. With patents pending, our homes are like nothing else in North Texas.

Eliminate Energy Costs: $0 Electric and Gas Bills

The New Modern Home™ can produce up to 300% of the amount of electricity used by the average Texas family when accommodated with our 50 solar panel package. That can be enough energy to power your entire home and your electric cars.

Custom homes designed and built by The New Modern Homes in Dallas are Energy Efficient thanks to our solar panel system.

Privacy Walls Protect Your Assets

Solar panels are hidden from view – as well as your satellite dish and TV antenna. You could have a rainbow colored roof, and no one would see it simply walking or driving down the street.

Privacy walls on your custom luxury home hide your valuable assets from view

All LEDs Inside and Out

Thoughtfully placed, with the right amount of light, virtually every area of the home is well lit at night. Nearly 100 Light Emitting Diodes ensure you use less power while not needing replacement for up to 45 years.

We use energy efficient LEDs in every custom home

Quality Materials

We always believe in making the right product choices for the homeowner. A lifetime – that’s how long we expect your home to last, and it determines our thoughtful selection and unique mixture of materials used on your home.

It All Starts with a Solid Foundation

Our special fusion of framing, waterproofing, stone, and roof placed on your lot mean that our homes are up to 30% lighter than your traditional home. A lighter load for a better foundation.

Our specially designed foundations mean that our luxury homes are 30% lighter than traditional homes

The Largest Amount of Foam Insulation

Our walls come with an inch of foam to keep harsh weather out. We also blow in an additional 5.5 inches of insulation into the walls and under the roof. This keeps the temperature in your home better controlled. And much quieter.

Our custom homes are fully insulated with foam insulation to keep out noise and weather

100% Brick and Natural Stone Walls

So you don’t have to worry about replacing it – ever. Brick and stone have been used to build homes and castles for thousands of years and they are still standing today. It requires no annual staining like wood, or painting every few years like siding or vinyl. It won’t fade or rot. And it’s rodent proof.

The natural stone materials used in our custom built homes mean that your home lasts much longer without maintenance

When a Hail Storm Comes, it’s Good to Have Steel on Your Side

A 70-year lifespan. 60% lighter than the typical shingle roof. Reflects more solar heat. Fire resistant. Rodent proof. Fully recyclable when the time comes. The cherry on top is that this home gets up to a 30% discount on its annual homeowner’s insurance.

Custom green homes built by The New Modern Home in Allen offer Zero Energy Bills

Open Floor Plans

The New Modern Home™ floor plans are perfect for today’s lifestyle of spending time with the family and entertaining friends and guests. Larger kitchens, larger owner’s bedroom and bathroom, and a downstairs guest bedroom with its own bathroom for 2-story plans.

The Heart of Every Home is Open

Today’s modern floor plans combine the kitchen, dining room, and living room into one area. Our Art plan’s open space area starts at 900 square feet, and the area grows with our larger floor plans.

Luxury modern homes from TNMH feature open floorplans beginning at 900 square feet

Mudroom + Laundry Room = Perfection

Adjacent to the garage, the mudroom is ready for your muddy boots and wet umbrella, while the washing machine is ready for your clothes. None of the outdoors needs to follow you into the heart of your home. On your way out, your jacket and coats are ready and waiting for you.

Our combined mudroom and laundry room feature in each home means that the outside stays outside

Energy Efficiency

The New Modern Homes™ offer peace of mind knowing your new home is helping to minimize your environmental footprint while saving energy, too! Reduced energy consumption means your The New Modern Home™ is less expensive to own. The New Modern Home™ allows you to live more comfortably, invest your housing dollars more wisely and it helps the environment – all of which can make your home easier to resell.

A home’s equivalent MPG

The New Modern Home™ Home Energy Rating System, or HERS, score can range from 0 to -50. The HERS was developed to inspect and calculate the energy performance of a home. Heating, cooling and water heating constitute the largest cost of home ownership outside of the mortgage loan. The HERS Index Score will tell you how well the home performs energy-wise. The HERS Report will outline the energy features of the home and the expected cost of utility bills.

TNMH - HERS Score Comparison

A lower maintenance home

The New Modern Home™ uses high reliability design. When it comes to lighting, we use only LEDs inside and out. Our bulbs are made to last 45 years before needing replacement, so you won’t need to pull out the ladder to change bulbs every year – this means you’ll have your nights and weekends to enjoy as you please.


An incredibly comfortable home

The New Modern Home™ is a very comfortable home to live in. We achieve this by Super-Insulating your home with nearly 6.5 inches of foam. This makes it quicker to reach and maintain the desired climate in your home. Additional benefits are a reduction in the number of times your AC turns on, a dampening of audible exterior noises, and less insect, dust, and pollen access – all providing you a more comfortable home.


Healthier Home

First and foremost, The New Modern Home™ is a healthier home. Indoor air quality is improved by removing indoor pollutants and chemicals, and bringing in fresh filtered air.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Our ventilator runs at a low rate, all day long. Also, any negative pressure in the home is balanced out. When an exterior door is opened to a home with negative pressure inside, pollen, dust, and flying insects are pulled in. Our healthier homes give you fresh air all day, and keep out unfiltered outdoor air.


No Harmful VOCs

In an effort to minimize pollutants inside The New Modern Home™, the paint used in our homes do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. Minimizing the manufacturing pollutants means a healthier you.



The New Modern Home™ is of the highest sustainability. Our home runs like a well-oiled machine. Except that they don’t use any gas. They also use less water. And that means less depletion of natural resources.

Faster Than You Can Count to 15: Instant Hot Water

Up to 5 strategically placed tankless hot water heaters sit close to all faucets. Each time a faucet is used to take a shower, wash dishes, or wash the dog, 2 gallons of cold water can be sent down the drain while waiting for hot water. The average family can waste up to 10 gallons of clean drinking water each day. The opportunity is that if every home in North Texas has this setup, we can save 10 gallons per day, times 7 million people, every day.

Every custom home features up to 5 tankless water heaters to minimize wait time for hot water

A More Sustainable Future for Generations to Come

The New Modern Home™ comes with four different solar panel packages to choose from with Ideal Orientation™. With our unique home design, the Ideal Orientation™ means your solar panels have the opportunity to point at the sun most effectively. This can get your home completely off the fossil fuel industry and how we can all participate in a more sustainable earth.

Each custom home is outfitted with a 10kw 32-solar panel system for maximum sustainability

Loving Your Home is Our Top Priority

The New Modern Home™ is designed to last a lifetime. So rather than worrying about replacing a shingle roof or keeping your fence stained properly, you can set up family dinners, paint a wall a color you truly like, or make a custom throw pillow to place on your bed. That’s what a truly sustainable home will do for you.

Our custom built homes are designed and built with love, so you can live worry-free